Monday, June 02, 2008

New Monday Shoot @23

The task for New Monday Shoot #23 is: Open up something and show us the treasures thus revealed. The thing you open can be a door, a window, a drawer, a box, a jar, a refrigerator...well, you get the idea. If it opens, it counts. Heck, I'll even accept open enrollment, if you can take a picture of it!

So first I opened up the mouse to show what's inside it, a pair of batteries needed to keep it running.

Next I went into the kitchen and opened up 3 of my drawers to show you my messy contents. Pretend that you didn't see that, ok?
Another thing caught my eyes, the open up of my husband tool box. Another messy content! wait till you see the second layer, more untidy stuffs but since these are not mine I have no say!:0


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Very cool. And I don't think your drawers look messy at all!

Kiva said...

Your drawers are organized compared to mine. As far as husband's toolkit, we're about even :0)