Monday, October 13, 2008

Fantastic Food #2

Martha from wanted to see either soup, stew or chilli. I decided to post a chilli dish but totally different from the western chilli she's used to. I used chilli paste - that's dried chilli grinded together with onions and garlic - and sauteed that till the oil floats to the top of chilli and add in the mince meat. For added protein I add cube tofu because my son loves to eat tofu. To be eaten with white rice or bread. This dish is real hot I tell you, sure to burn the tongue if one is not used to the chilli but we asian eat chillies on regular basis and chilli paste is used as base for most of the cooking, with more spices added for different taste.

So Martha, are you game for a dish of my chilli?

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Martha said...

I'm ready!! It looks wonderful, and I love hot, spicy food. I'm definitely going to have to try your recipies! Thanks :-)