Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The only brand of ketchup the family prefer, Del Monte.


Hanging on as long as I can .....


Proof of air

The challenge for New Monday Photo Shoot #31 is to photographically prove the existence of air, something filled with air or flying through it, or held up by it or moving around it. So here's my take:

The Singapore national flag flying high, held up by the AIR.

Hot AIR rises up!

The Dead of Night

The deserted gazebo in the middle of the nigh, eeriely quiet.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Macroday - ear

My, my , what big ear you have here!

Unique photo challenge- bridge

Thursday challenge - Yellow

Double yellow lines, strictly no parking unless you want to donate money to the government! Lol

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A-Z photo challenge -"I"

I is for Infant, a new born baby belongs to a dear friend. He's only about 10 days old when this photo was taken.

Monday Photoshoot #30 - A small crowd

A small crowd gathering to see what the fisherman brought in after spending a few hours at sea. Fresh crabs, fishes and squids for all to see!

Students waiting to cross the street the way home, from a secondary school just a block away from my apartment.

Macroday - Point

Unique photo challenge - Purple

Purple brinjals

Friday, July 18, 2008

Photo Friday - Flight

Thursday Challenge- Noisy

The Black Knights showing off their precision flying skills during the pre-national day celebrations.

Lensday challenge - flower

Waiting for the right moment to unleash it's beauty, just a day or 2 away.....

PhotoHunt 118- support

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot #29

Black is the colour.

This is my younger son's boot, he's currently serving the national service which is compulsory for 2 years for every male citizen once they reached the age 18. Deferment between 2-3 years are accepted for further studies only. Currently he's serving in Civil Defence (Fire, paramedic and rescue unit), still in basic training. He just finished polishing his boot last night and I thought it could make a good model. It sure comes in handy for the Monday challenge! :p

This is my handphone, Sony Erickson K770i, got it free from the telco company for extending my contract for another year. I don't really care about the 3G phone, as long as I'm able to receive/make calls , sms, use the organiser, alarm clock, make notes.......that's good enough for me. I seldom use the handphone camera, since I always have my Canon S5 IS with me. I never leave home without it!

July Fun

The elite squard of the arm forces during aerial display, one looks like on the way to the moon!
parachutist from the commando unit of the army.

the main highlight of the night, after which it's time to head back home.

All taken last saturday, during the pre-national day celebrations at Marina Bay area.

Thursday challenge - Hot

The HOT chillies, the smaller the size the hotter it is!

Lensday challenge - Fire

Fireworks during the pre-National Day celebrations.

Tuesday challenge - Baloon

Round Robin challenge -Morning , noon and night

The Photo Friday Challenge is , Morning, Noon, And Night, was suggested by Vicki of the blog Maraca. She describes the concept this way:

Kinda simple, really ... photograph the same thing at different times of the day. It's an experiment in using natural light."

Here's mine, taken at Clarke Quay, on 2 separate days.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Photo Friday - Spiral

Spiral staircases seen in Bugis Street, Singapore.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Challenge -Photography

Just to get that exclusive shot......

Lensday challenge- Independence

Getting ready to celebrate our 43th year of independence this August.The red and white are our national flags.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tuesday challenge- Boat

A boatload of tourists along the Singapore River one afternoon.

More pictures at:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

PhotoSunday- Building

More photos can be seen here:

Macroday - Condiments

Condiments that come free with an order of malasa tosey. It's vegetarian Indian food served fastfood style. You can even get a free refill of the condiments at one corner of the restaurant. The 3 different coloured sauce or what the Indian would call " sambar" are made of grated coconut with spiced added while in the white container are dhall( lentils) vegetable curry. You have to eat them with your hands to savor each pieces of tosay (thin pancake made from rice flour) dip in the accompanying sambar and dhal curry. Finger licking good!

More entry can be seen here: