Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chocolatey Macro Monday

EMPS#18- watching the clock.

For this week, Carly wanted to see the time, from clocks, watches,hourglass,cell phone- if it tell the time, she want to see it.

I've chose my most favorite clock which is hanged in the kitchen. It was my 10th year wedding anniversary's gift from an aunt. Still in good working condition after working hard for 20 years.I choose to put it in the kitchen because it matched my country styled kitchen which was remodelled 7 years ago..Previously it was hanged in my bedroom.

The photo was taken at the favorite time of the day, at almost 8 am. It's peace and quiet time for me to go online after the husband and the sons have left for work and the house have been tidied.

This watch belonged to the hubby, time taken was 8.12am. Took me a while to learn to read the time on this timepiece, quiet confusing don't you think, cos you need to read the separate hands to tell time. It's not broken, that's the way it's suppose to be! :p

This is a replica of the Big Ben in London, taken at the hilly resort Genting, in our neighbouring country Malaysia.

Do drop by Carly's site to see some amazing clocks posted by those participating in her challenge , there's a link on the left of my blog.

MacroDay: Best macro of 2008

After searching through my archive, I finally choose this one . It's all thanks to the dragonfly which was patience enough to be my model. Without a DSLR, this is the best that I can do with my Canon S5, I'm satisfied with the outcome so far. Maybe it's a good idea to get an additional lens for macro shots, I'm still in 2 minds about it.
Click on the picture to get an enlarged view.

Unique's photo Challenge: BENCH

Give those feet a break and sit here to enjoy the greenery.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Round Robin- Favorite Toy

This are some of the toys I managed to find in my sons' room, both are already in their 20s yet still clinging to some of their favorite toys from childhood. They probably want to show them to their own family in the future.
The elder son was into cars while the younger son was more interested in 'construction toys'. He's still buying the big boy's toy called Gundam, it's actually a DIY model kit of Japanese figurines. He got a big collection of that at home, one day I'll take photos of the Gundam and show them here.
After taking the photos, the cars went back into the display cabinet , waiting for the right moment when younger niece and nephew come for a visit, then the cars will get to be played again by kids. :p

If you want to join in the challenge, do go over to Round Robin, there's a link on the left side of this page.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I got this cool awards from Deepak, thanks my dear.

I'm proud to pass them to these wonderful people I met online:
Carly of Ellipsis, Martha,Karen Funk, Lisa, Gattina,and Barbs. Display these in your blog and pass it along to your chosen friends.

EMPS #17 - Holiday Greetings

Here's wishing all my visitors a joyous holidays and a happy new year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Macro Monday

A bunch of wooden toothpick.

More macros can be seen at Lisa's website, do drop by to see all the beauties.

Photo Sunday - HOME

A typical Malaysian kampung home.


For more photos of shopping, do drop by at UNIQUE.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thursday Challenge:
"LIGHT" (Street Light, Sun Light, Candle, Colored Lights, Fluorescent Lamp, Glowing...)

It's almost sunset, and the sun shine through my living room's window.

S is for Samurai Swords

Martha's A-Z Photo Challenge: We're into the letter S right now, and I've chosen the Samurai Swords for this entry...

They are from my younger son's collection, he has quiet a few replicas of the authentic samurai swords hanged on his bedroom's wall which cost him a few hundred Singapore Dollars each. Every now and then he would bring them down to be cleaned and polished. These are meant for personal collection and not to be brought outside the home without the special permit he got when he bought them. Of course these are not as sharp as the real swords.

EMPS #16A : Bells or Bows

The task this week:
" EMPS #16: Autumn Meets Winter.
In just a week or so, we in the Northern Hemisphere will welcome Winter. We here in the Bay Area have already had a lovely bit of snow here and there with more on the way. Lets say hello to winter, shall we? I want pictures of AUTUMN MEETING WINTER if at all possible. A pumpkin in the snow, leaves with snow at the base, a snowman with some harvest vegetables completing his outfit. Anything that depicts the merging seasons. Now I know that some of you don't live in areas that experience particular season changes, which is ok, because for you folks I have an alternative photo assignment.

Alternative EMPS #16A: BELLS
or BOWS.
Silver BELLS. Big red BOWS. BELLS on a store's front door, BOWS on a holiday dress, BELLS on a sleigh, BOWS that light-up, BELLS that toll high in a bell tower, BOWS that hang on doors as a holiday decoration, BELLS that a Salvation Army person might ring, BOWS that a puppy dog might wear to be festive, BELL shaped holiday cookies. BELLS or BOWS, BOWS or BELLS... which will you find with your camera? Show me BELLS or BOWS. :)

Extra Credit: Do both assignments! :)"

Being in a tropical country, of course I have to choose the option A. Snow and seasons we don't have but bells and bows there's plenty to find here, especially at this time of the year.

Bells hung at the archway towards the beach in Sentosa island, a amaller island just south of Singapore. There's a bridge that connect to that small island or one have the option of taking the monorail or the cable car ride there.
Ribbon on my red and white candle, which is always on display in the living room.

During late November to early January, the whole stretch of Orchard Road is brightly lit with Christmas decorations every year.This year I see lots of ribbons tied to the trees along the sidewalk. This is the shopping heaven not to be missed, very popular with tourists and the locals.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hometown Holidays Decorations.

With Christmas round the corner, almost all shopping malls have their own christmas tree. Being a non-Christian it's fun to see the beautiful trees all decked in lights and ornaments. Like every year, the whole of Orchard Road is brightly lit with christmas decorations.

The biggest tree just outside the Paragon Shopping Centre, every year they change the theme and this is always the most favorite tree in Orchard Road. It's almost 4 storey in height .

Another biggest tree in Orchard Road but this one is indoor, inside Takashimaya Store, almost 4 or is 5 storey in height.


Each time I buy these, I need to hide some away from the sons, otherwise the whole packet will be gone in 1 day!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Three of anything

This week topic's for Thursday Challenge is Three of anything. Looking around in my archive, I found this photo, practically screaming of 3s... 3 ladies , 3 pairs of feet, 3 pairs of shoes/sandals. Plus all three are holding their bags on their laps.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008

EMPS #15 - Pizza Topping

For this week's assigment set by Carly:

'' EMPS #15: Pizza Toppings.
Most everyone loves pizza, right? The other night I had a big slice of wicked good pizza! YUM! I don't eat pizza that isn't homemade very often, but Alan and I planned for it, and then just jumped right in. Cheesy, extra red sauce, pineapple, a few slices of ham. OMG. It was fabulous! Most of the time I prefer all veggie, because, well, I like my veggies, but if Alan is ordering for himself, it's all meat. I also love hot peppers, and sometimes pepperoncini. But that's just me. Show me what toppings you prefer on your pizza. If you don't happen to like pizza, show me what toppings grace the warm culinary bit of deliciousness you do partake of. An example would be a slice of cheese or bacon on a Slider, or onions on a hot dog. If possible, however, please try your best to keep to the original assignment of PIZZA TOPPINGS.

Extra Credit: Show me some pizza!''

Here's my homemade pizza, with curried mincemeats, mushrooms and cube pineapples- this is must have in all my pizzas, it give a slight tangy and sweet taste which is perfect with pizza, well at least to my taste. The curry mincemeat is already spicy so I don't need to sprinkle chilli flakes on top. Oh and of course must have lots of mozzarella cheese, can't be a pizza without the cheese!

MacroMonday - Button

Today's flowers #18

Macroday - BEAUTY

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