Thursday, June 18, 2009

EMPS #42 : Playing with the water

Carly of Ellipsis wanted something taken this week and not from archives so I had to go out and look for something suitable. While going out with my little niece and nephew yesterday, I finally found the perfect shot.

With the hot and humid weather we're having right now, it's a bliss to be playing in the water right now. How I wish I can joined this little guy playing with the water, but I'm more content with just looking from a distance, with my camera in hand. These kids were splashing around, better for me to distance myself unless I want the camera to take a shower too. Better to be safe than sorry later! so just zoom,zoom, zoom.

I can't help but I must share some of the recent photos taken in Phuket, Thailand early this month. I went there with my brother and his family, together my mom. Ever since my husband and the sons are not willing to accompany me on my overseas trip anymore, my mom and my brother's family has became my travelling companion.

My 2 little nieces having a great time playing with the waves at Patong Beach, Phuket. The beach is just opposite our hotel, Baan Boa Resort. I purposely told them to wake up earlier than the adults and to follow me down the beach, while their parents were getting ready for breakfast. While the girls had fun with the water and sand, I had my fun too taking photos of them and the scenery there.
Not enought with just the beach, we hit the pool after that! There's a jaquzzi at the adult pool, which I finally did make use of and give the camera it's deserved break......well, just for a while. :)
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lisaschaos said...

Looks like perfect weather to play in water. :)

Martha said...

The first is my favorite and perfect for Carly's theme this week! Love all your photos this week for Ruby Tuesday and the vintage cars too :-)

Carly said...

Hi Jama

Wonderful choices for water shots. And thanks so much for going out this week in particular. It's looks so lovely where you live, just like paradise. I must see your country one day... yes. :)


Suzanne R said...

Such neat pictures of the children in the water! Great job!

Far Side of Fifty said...

That first photo is just great! It must be very warm there now. I also loved the beach photos..what fun you had in the morning with your nieces..:)

Mike said...

I like the middle photo with the mountains in the background. All of them are good.