Tuesday, October 20, 2009

EMPS # 60 : Black and White Photography

It's time again for us to step out of color, and into BLACK AND WHITE. Grab your cameras, find the perfect setting, and show off that scene in BLACK AND WHITE. If you want to do a duplicate photo in color, to show comparison, feel free. Any subject, any setting, day or night, it's all up to you, as long as it is in BLACK AND WHITE! Archived photos are also fine for the assignment.

Extra Credit: Photograph something that is naturally BLACK AND WHITE, but try to do it without any color in the picture at all. An example would be a BLACK AND WHITE CAT using either a BLACK or WHITE background."

Honestly speaking , I don't quiet like black and white photography, unless it's really the original black and white subject. I love to see the beauty of colours in my photographs. I I have a few natural black and white shots in my archive but I choose to just take a new one after seeing a marker pen in my stationary holder near my pc, so here's the result.

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Carly said...

Hi Jama :)

Hon, I LOVE it! I understand when you say you prefer color to black and white, but your instinct here was perfect! Very good subject, it's simple, yet comes across quite interesting, and the use of the macro setting is just wonderful! Please consider experimenting with more subjects in Black and White, and see what you come up with! Just a thought! Very well done this week m'dear!


lisaschaos said...

I'm not much into b&w either but I like this idea and you did it great!

Carolyn Ford said...

Subjects with a lot of light and dark contrast usually turn out very well in black and white...keep working with it...you just might learn to really like it!

Liz said...

You certainly made the mark with this great photograph.
Dramatic example of what black and white can portray.

Chan Wah Chen said...

Very good black and white shoot although it is a colour photo. But I still love black & white photography.