Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out : Outdoor Food

This week theme of OUTDOOR FOOD is chosen by Girliechef of Indiana.

Satay is a very popular delicacy in Singapore and Malaysia, and is easily available all year long. The meat commonly used include beef, mutton, chicken, including the tripe. Sliced meat are marinated with some spices before being skewered into sticks of coconut leaf, and grilled over charcoal fire.

Satay are served with the spicy peanut sauce , slivers of onions, cucumbers and ketupat ( rice cake).

The satay-man grilling some satay on charcoal fire, this is best done outdoor or a non confined place since it's quiet smokey. But the smell, is so heavenly I tell you!

Another food being grilled outdoor.

I love lots of butter on my corn, yummy!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ABC Wednesday: B is for Beautiful Beach

B is for a Beautiful day at the Beach.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Not sure what the sign means since I'm not a Chinese, saw it during the Chinese New Year flower show early this year.


Riverside Point, Singapore.

Step into this waterfront shopping mall by the Singapore River and be awed by the imposing central atrium that opens up into the sky! Watch an interactive water feature with animated jets shooting into the air as you stroll around the mix of jewelry, lighting and fashion shops. Take your pick of waterfront dining either indoors or al fresco, and be entertained by street performances.

During colonial times, Riverside Point was an infamous gathering place for secret societies, opium smokers and ladies of the night. Most of the old buildings were torn down and the warehouses at the waterfront were restored and renamed Riverside Point. Today restaurants and shops grace the building complex, which also includes some offices.

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Macro Monday: busy fly

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ABC Wednesday # A

ABC Wednesday round 5
A is for Airplane at the Airport.

Ruby Tuesday : Red Taxi

Red Taxi at Patong Beach, Phuket.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Macro Monday: Green fly

Not too sure of it's name, so let's just called it green fly, ok? :p

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Today's flowers #49 : Yellow roses

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

PhotoHunt 170: ROCKS

Rocky beach at Khai Lok Island, Phuket.

Rock garden, Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Color Carnival #11

Too pretty to look at and be photographed but I didn't buy any, too sweet to my liking . Even the 2 sons don't like them.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Yard Object

This week theme was chosen by NoeNoeGirl ,- Anything out in front of a house, a building, a museum, the lake, a pond, take your pick. Since I don't even have a yard like most of the participants to this meme, I like to share some of the Yard Objects that was found around my country. I've seen some of the participants who show their big yards with equally interesting yet beautiful objects found there.

This first photo was taken just 3 months ago, at the Jurong Bird Park, at the entrance to the African Waterfall Aviary.

Panda bench at the HortPark, Alexandra.
Bronze Sculpture of the firemen, just outside the Central Fire Station, the oldest fire station here , built in the year of 1908. The Central Fire Station was gazetted as a national monument on 18th December 1998.
Reflective sculpture around the town area.
Great place to relax the tired feet and absorbed the beauty of the surrounding, at Sentosa Island.
Wood Carving entitled The Way To The Future by Chow Sung Keow from HongKong, at Fort Canning.

In front of the Singapore Zoological Garden, statues of a family of elephants in a pond.

No, that's not the real bones of dinosaur, just made from fibreglass, for decorations at the BottleTree Park, Yishun.
Something I found in my neighbour's potted plant just outside her high rise apartment. Can't be a zebra but maybe a cat? Maybe just her way of reusing her son's old toy.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ABC Wednesday : Z

Z is for ZEBRAS in the ZOO.

Today's post is an entry in the fourth round of ABC Wednesday, the meme was initiated by Denise Nesbitt. Looking forward to playing the fifth round soon.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ruby Tuesday: Red Crayfish

Red Clawed crayfish in an aquarium, apparently these are not meant for the dining table, they are kept as pets.
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EMPS # 46A : Something Warm

For this week, Carly has set 2 theme , one is SEEN IN A SUMMER and the other is SOMETHING WARM, for those in the area not experiencing summer. Since there's only one season here in Singapore, I choose the second one.

This was my breakfast this morning, still warm, as the toast was just out of the toaster oven. It's spread with yesterday's leftover dinner of mincemeat curry, topped with a slice of cheese. Yummy with a warm cup of tea, and quiet filling too.

Almost like a pizza-in-a -hurry! Well, as long as the leftover's gone, I'm not complaining. :p

I was going through my archive when this picture just screamed for my attention, it's something WARM.......a WARM- blooded animal soaking itself in a moat to cool itself during a WARM day at the one and only zoo here! Perfect for this week's challenge, don't you think so?

How I wish I could soak myself too during our hot days here, but of course not together with this animal. It may look docile but the white tigers we have in the zoo has already attacked a cleaner to death who came into their enclosure and provoked them just early this year or was it last year? No thank you, I'll just go to the swimming pool near here later to cool of myself.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Macro Monday : sea shell by the seashore

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