Saturday, February 27, 2010

PhotoHunt 202 -DAILY


I must have my daily cup of Milo every morning while reading the newspaper.

Round Robin Challenge: Blinded by the light



Color Carnival # 39


Colorful traditional Malay clothes and headscarves for sale.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Your Favorite Subject


" This week we are celebrating out 52nd week.. a whole year of FMTSOs!! So the theme is...revisiting your favorite theme/subject from this year."

 The first time I participated in the FMTSOs was in May last year, the theme was water , so I decided to choose this theme again and share some of the recent photos I took.

Time to water the grass before it turn all yellow!


My little niece and nephew playing with water.
We're surrounded by the water as we're an island.

Perfect way to beat the heat here, in front of the VivoCity mall.

Can't do without this drink- plain water.

 After the rain.

Chicken taking a shower.

 Fountain at Bugis Junction Mall.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ABC Wednesday : Falafel

F is for FALAFEL
Falafel is very popular in the Middle East as a fast food. Vendors sell it on the street corners in Cairo. As a main dish, it is served as a sandwich, stuffed in pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and tahini. As an appetizer, it is served on a salad, or with hummus and tahini. Falafel is a favorite among vegetarians as it's made from ground chickpeas, onions, parsley and spices such as cumin and coriander.  The mixture is shaped into balls or patties, then deep fried.

Ruby Tuesday:



 Chinese New Year decorations in Chinatown.

EMPS # 78: Still Life Featuring Food

A STILL-LIFE is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate objects and subject matter. It's been a while since we have done a Still-Life as an assignment, so this week, let's do one featuring food. The type of food, the setting, the lighting is all completely up to you. Get creative, work some magic, show me the art of STILL-LIFE photography FEATURING FOOD. No archived photos this week! I want something brand new to see.

Extra Credit: Do a STILL-LIFE in black & white."

My simple lunch , stir fry yellow noodles with mince chicken in spicy sauce.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Macro Monday: Peeling bark



Today's Flowers # 81

Yellow Oncidium Orchids.
The genus Oncidium is a very old one. It ranges from hot coastal regions to the cold of 12,000 feet elevation. It is native to Mexico, Central and tropical South America, and the West Indies.
It has short, thick pseudo-bulbs and slender, graceful leaves.
Though the flowers are small compared to the Cattleya, they are a spray-type of considerable grace and charm. The blooms are flat, about 4cm wide of silky texture, resembling a dancing girl with wide-spread skirts and tiny waist.

The clear bright yellow attained by some of the species is unsurpassed. An intermediate or cool house will serve.
Oncidiums, are sun-worshiper’s and when it comes to Oncidium orchid care, they must not be allowed to shrivel. They need a great deal of water when growth is being completed and flowering is beginning, but require less after flowering.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Town Square

"Plaza is a Spanish word related to "field" which describes an open urban public space, such as a city square.  It’s the space where a large crowd gathers during public occasions or crisis.  The plaza remains a center of community life that is only equaled by the market-place.  In modern usage, a plaza can be any gathering place on a street or between buildings, a street intersection with a statue.  It’s a center of a town/city or a certain place".

By this definition, there's plenty of town plaza here in Singapore to choose from. After going through my archive I've decided to feature the area where I live with the many open areas where the residents like to hang around, so off I went yesterday to capture the nearby place. Even though we are a small island with limited land resources,  the authorities always make sure there's enough open spaces and green parks for the people, very close to their homes.

A place to just hang around anytime, very close to home.

Kids play area, while they are occupied, the adults can chit-chat.

There's a few BBQ pits near the gazebo, a perfect place to have that neighborly meetings among the residents here.

If BBQ is a bit boring, how about a game of basketball? of perhaps one would prefer to just sit under the big tree in the park watching the world goes by.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Photo Challenge : Old Equipment

old grinding machine.

More Old Equipment can be found HERE.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: red galore in a stall


Lots of red here in a stall selling melon seed for the Chinese New Year celebrations, melon seeds are one of the must haves during the occasion.

EMPS # 77- The Cone Zone

Traffic, we all have to deal with it in one way or another, and there always seem to be CONE ZONES somewhere amongst it all. This week, show me something CONE ZONE related. Men at work, traffic cones all lined up, anything CONE ZONE related. But please folks, take your photos from a proper place and distance as to not put yourself at risk, or interfere with those who are working within the zone. SAFETY FIRST! Be mindful of the laws in your state.

Extra Credit: Show me a picture of a traffic sign... any traffic sign."
At roadside here, the cone are used occasionally together with the redish orange and white blocker, or what ever they call it. It's more commonly used than the cone here, to warn of impending works done by the roadside.. this photo was taken just yesterday , it's a public holidays due to the Chinese New Year celebrations, and the road here is in town was practically deserted which gave me a good view from the road itself. Of course I got my younger son watching my back for incoming traffic. Safety was not compromised at all.

Further down the road I saw more cones used to blocked one  parking lot. This car park is not open to public , it's reserved to special visitors to the old Supreme Court which is now being converted into a museum. The cones were put there probably due to some works being done to that particular lot, I didn't come closer look.

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